Fractals In Nature

Fractals In Nature

The Power Of Natural Fractals

Above all of our other sense, sight is arguably the most influential on the human species as a whole. Much of our daily lives are built around our ability to perceive the world around us through our vision, and scientists have discovered that there are a lot of unseen influences on our minds that we would otherwise never know existed.

One of these, and perhaps the most powerful, is fractal design in nature. Fractals are the natural shapes that occur naturally in the world around, from the make-up of chemicals, to how leaves on trees are formed. They’ve always been present in nature, and we’re starting to realise that our brains are intrinsically linked to these patterns in a way that we haven’t been able to synthesize, except in the art world.

Our Obsession With Symmetry

Symmetry plays a much bigger part in our lives that we realise. It’s the reason why we find some people attractive, and the reason why so many people love camping so much. Symmetry is an extremely important aspect of how we perceive the things around us, and is especially prevalent in the works of famous painter, Jackson Pollock. Pollock’s modern art that emerged in the 1940s, and the meaning behind his work has long been debated among art critics.

But what we do know about his art is that is provides a powerful sense of calm and serenity for those that observe it for any given amount of time, and only recently have scientists realised that it’s because Pollock integrated fractal patterns directly into the paintings he created. But it’s something we can observe in the nature around us. All trees grow using fractal patterns, which is the “branching” that occurs, and can be found all the way to the microscopic level.

Other Media

We can see it in other forms of media, too. The most eye-catching logos tend to be the most popular, and part of why we’re drawn to certain pastimes, such as sports betting at, is due to the clever designs that artists use for appealing to people in high volumes, and it works extremely well.

The Effect On Our Brains

It’s not purely an aesthetic aspect, either. Fractal patterns and the symmetry they provide have a profound effect on our state of mind, which is the reason why we find such a sense of calm while out in nature. We developed and evolved with fractal patterns around us for countless millennia, and they’re immensely important to our mental health.

It’s also one of the reasons why people living in cities tend to have a higher rate of mental health problems. Our buildings, which generally tend to be square in shape, are not designed with fractal fluency in mind, and we struggle to find any sense of happiness or calm living in a constructed landscape. This is why it’s important that we take the time every so often to go out in nature, and failing that, having natural art and plenty of plants surrounding us can have a dramatic improvement on our mental health.

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