6 Offbeat Recreational Ideas

6 Offbeat Recreational Ideas

If you’re looking for ways to have fun and get fit, but the usual jogging, cycling or gym doesn’t appeal to you, fear not. There are several other recreational activities that will give you a great work out, and are loads of fun too.

1. Plogging

Plogging is jogging with a difference, and its not only more fun, its better for the environment too. Derived from the Swedish words plocka upp, plogging involves jogging and picking up litter at the same time.

This clever initiative has been around for a while and it is up to the plogger how involved they want to get. Of course you can even turn this in to a competitive activity, competing against friends to see who can collect the most litter on a jog.

2. Hula Hooping

If you hula hooped as a kid you’ll remember how much fun it was, but if you try it now you’ll also find out how fit it can make you! Hooping has become a hot new recreational activity and the number of tricks you can learn is nothing short of astounding.

There are loads of YouTube videos to help get you started, and you can buy specially make polypro hoops of different weights, depending on your skill level.

3. Geocaching

If you love a bit of adventure and are happy outdoors, why not try geocaching? You can imbibe the spirit of Lara Croft just like you would when playing Tomb Raider themed online pokies in Australia, and go seeking hidden treasure in urban and more remote areas, and there is a real prize at the end of your search.

There are caches hidden all over the world and you can use the Internet to give you clues as to where to start looking.

4. Dancing

Even if it is just round your kitchen while you are cooking, dancing burns calories fast and is great fun too.

Of course you can always explore the many other options that will see you build up a sweat, and whether you try swing, Hip Hop or even Zumba, you’ll fast find that these activities are fun and build fitness all in one.

5. Parkour

If you want to get from A to B in a whole new way, try Parkour. This training discipline doesn’t have to extreme; you can simply try things like jumping down steps, summersault down the passage at home or playing on the playground equipment in the park.

As you get more confident you may find that you take things a bit further, but even if you don’t end up leaping from building to building, you’ll still be burning calories!

6. Learn a musical instrument

It turns out playing a violin for an hour can burn as many calories as walking around a track for the same length of time.

Now imagine how much exercise you’d get if you learnt how to play the drums! Learning a new instrument not only challenges your brain it turns out it gives your muscles a work out too.

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