Common Misconceptions About Yoga Debunked

Common Misconceptions About Yoga Debunked

There is no question that yoga is extremely beneficial, offering major benefits that can’t be denied. However, as beneficial as yoga is there are many misconceptions about the practice. Some misconceptions are simply a misunderstanding of what yoga is, while others are based around ideas perpetuated by popular media.

Let’s take a look at some common myths and debunk them with facts.

You Need To be Flexible

It is understandable that many assume yoga requires great flexibility. After all, look online for a picture of yoga and the image will inevitably be of someone doing something crazy. Although these advanced poses are a part of yoga, they are not the only part by a long shot.

Yoga has numerous levels, with the highest indeed demanding flexibility. The lower levels of yoga can easily be performed by virtually anyone, making the practice extremely versatile. To be clear; anyone, at any level of fitness or flexibility, can enjoy yoga.

Yoga Is Time Consuming

That yoga is extremely time consuming, demanding deep commitment from students, is another common myth. Yoga does not have to be time consuming at all. In fact, considering the full body workout yoga provides it is drastically less time consuming than other forms of exercise. Compare a twenty minute yoga session to a trip to the gym and see which consumes less time.

A modest yoga session can take an hour, twenty minutes, or even just ten minutes. It is an extremely versatile practice. The average person could get home from work, fit in yoga, shower, and be checking out NZ online casino games in half an hour.

Yoga Requires A Total Lifestyle Change

Another common yoga misconception is that the practice requires a total lifestyle change. While it’s true that many who practice yoga embrace a certain lifestyle, that lifestyle is not by any means necessary.

Many simply use yoga as a way to get healthy, to enjoy a focused meditation after a long day, or just to stretch their bodies. Yoga does not require veganism, it does not require a religion to be embraced, and does not demand that certain literature be read. It simply requires the motivation to take a few minutes, get grounded, and stretch.

Yoga Is Dangerous

A beginner attempting to do advanced yoga may indeed injure themselves. But then, there is very little reason that a beginner would ever assume they’re capable of anything advanced. Beginner yoga is very mild, requiring nothing more than breathing exercises and a few basic poses.

Beginner yoga focuses on stretching muscles and limbering up an otherwise stiff body, making it perfect for just about anyone.

Yoga Is Expensive

The last most commonly believed myth is that yoga requires certain clothes, a mat, and a subscription to a local class. Wrong on all accounts. Any comfortable clothing will do, any open piece of ground will work, and no class is necessary. The basics of yoga can be learned from any countless amount of free YouTube tutorials. It’s as easy as that.

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