Everything You Need To Know About Hot Yoga

Everything You Need To Know About Hot Yoga

Hot yoga has become increasing trendy, and whether its Bikram or heated Vinyasa classes, everyone is raving about it. If you want to find out about the pros and cons we’ve listed them here so you can work out if this work out is for you!

Pros of hot yoga

Increases flexibility

The warmer room makes it easier for your muscles to stretch, and this lets you deepen your range of motion and push further into the pose. Heat makes you pliable, and pliability is part of the yoga practice.

Increased intensity

The warmer temperature makes your heart pump faster and this means you’re getting a better cardio workout than you would in a cool room. In the heat, your body works harder to regulate your temperature and this increases your heart rate.

Beats the blues

The heat helps you focus on breathing, and deep breathing is the key to relaxation and distressing. Exercise also releases endorphins and these happy hormones are what make you feel good.

Increases lung capacity

Working out in heated room helps to train your lungs to retain a great amount of air. The deeper breaths you are forced to take make your lugs expand further and this increases lung capacity over time.

Increases calorie burn

Exercise that pushes up your heart rate burns calories and aids weight loss. Even though you may feel like you are simply moving from stretch to stretch, your increased heart rate will help you lose weight. You’ll feel a rush just like when you win big playing the Australian slots online has to offer; only you’ll be losing weight and hitting the health jackpot instead.


Sweating is good for you and your pores will open and you’ll expel any impurities. You’ll find that after regular heated yoga practice your skin looks better, brighter and clearer.

The cons of hot yoga

Heat exhaustion

If the heat gets too much for you your blood pressure may drop and you’ll feel nauseous or dizzy. If this happens you need to take a break, even if it means lying on your mat or staying in child’s pose. Heat exhaustion can happen to anyone so keep tabs on how you feel during your practice.


You’ll sweat a lot during a hot yoga class so you need to ensure you are well hydrated. Technically you shouldn’t drink during the class as this brings down your body temperature, but make sure that you drink water beforehand and afterwards. If you do need a drink during class take small sips and swallow slowly.


The warmer temperatures increase your flexibility and may make you over confident. Be carful of not pushing yourself too far, as you may injure yourself without realising it. If you feel any pain or discomfort that’s not stiffness during a pose come out of it slowly and carefully and don’t go as deep the next time.

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