The Benefits of Yoga

The Benefits of Yoga

The Benefits of Yoga

Enlightenment comes from within, and yoga is one way of getting lit, and getting fit!

It’s not just for hippies, it is not ‘just stretching’ and it is certainly a lot more than lying on a mat going OHHHHMMMM. Let’s take a look at what yoga can do for you and why it is so beneficial.

Yoga teaches you to breathe

You might think you’re breathing all the time, so why do you need to learn how to breathe? Yoga teaches you to control your breathing for both relaxation and exercise. If you can master the Ujjayi breath, which benefits you both physically and mentally.

Teaches you stillness

When you’re on the go all the time and living life at a frantic pace, how often do you stop and take some time out? Yoga teaches you to take things slow and to be patient, and it also teaches you to simply live in the moment. The time you spend in Savasana (corpse pose) is the most important, as you learn how to be absolutely still and calm not only your body, but also your mind.

It builds stamina

Every type of yoga practice builds stamina, but Bikram is particularly good for this. You’ll be amazed how much endurance you have after you’ve been doing Bikram for awhile, an you’ll suddenly find that doing simple things like going for a walk or running up stairs becomes so much easier.

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Its free exercise

Aside from playing at a casino no deposit, what other things can you think of that are fun and free? Yoga is both, and once you’ve learnt a series of basic asanas you can do them just about anywhere you please. You don’t have to spend a fortune on classes, equipment and clothing, you can do yoga in your living room or in the garden, in whatever you find comfortable.

Maintains metabolism

Many of the poses in yoga actually help boost your metabolism or regulate it. This means that you can maintain your weight far more easily, and that you can ensure you stay healthy too.

Builds muscle

A toned, strong body not only looks good, it also has many benefits. Stronger muscles protect you from conditions like back pain and arthritis and can help improve your posture too. When you build strength while doing yoga, you also improve your flexibility, and this isn’t something you can do by going to the gym and lifting weights.

Better bone health

Diseases like osteoporosis are no joke, and yoga helps maintain and build your bone health. Positions like downward facing dog really work your body and strengthen your arm bones, which are the most vulnerable for osteoporosis. Yoga also lowers the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, and this can help keep calcium in your bones.

Encourages a healthier lifestyle

It’s amazing what a little exercise and time to yourself does. Often, people realise how their lifestyle has not been conducive to their health, and just by doing yoga they recognise and make the necessary changes.

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