What is Yoga Therapy?

What is Yoga Therapy?

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is making use of yoga, postures, meditation and pranayama, to assist the body with healing and balance.  There are certain aspects of yoga that have shown to have healing properties.  It is important to understand that these practices are not for treating or healing medical conditions, but they can supplement traditional therapy.  Always consult your doctor before trying yoga therapy.  This article will look at a few medical conditions where yoga therapy may help.


Known as a silent disease, there are no real warnings of osteoporosis.  Osteoporosis can be treated by regular exercise and a proper diet and healthy lifestyle.  Weight bearing exercise is best and yoga is an excellent form of this exercise as it helps with bone building for upper and lower body and still being low impact.  Standing poses are best for lower spine, hips and legs and also improve balance which will lessen the chance of falling.  All of these poses must always be done with caution and use some sort of support like a chair.  Back bending poses will help to strengthen the spine and assist in preventing curvature of the upper spine.  Intensifying the yoga will build stronger bones, but never over exert yourself as this may result in injuries.  Rather stay away from forward bending or twisting poses.


Yoga postures can be instrumental in alleviating pain as well as releasing tension and stress.  The environment is important, go for low lights and soft music.  If you prefer silence though, do what works best for you.  When you have finished your routine, use an eye pillow over your eyes and breathe deeply.  If your headaches are frequent or you have migraines always discuss your yoga therapy with your doctor.  Certain yoga postures will help to relieve neck and shoulder tension and increase circulation to the head.  Twisting poses and shoulder openers will help relieve tension headaches.  If you have a headache that is located behind the eyes, side bending poses are advised.  For forehead and temple headaches hip opening poses should help.  Back bending poses are for headaches at the back of the head.


Fatigue is something we all experience and is a result of over exertion, stress, boredom and insomnia.  Yoga is especially helpful for fatigue as it is a combination of movement, rest, reduces stress and cultivates prana, which is life force energy, and activates a parasympathetic nervous system.  Breathing will also help relieve fatigue, it draws more breath and your body can use the extra oxygen.  Yoga postures can increase circulation and relieve stiff muscles and together with deep breathing, both physical and mental stress is reduced.  You are able to focus and energy levels are increased.

Colds and Flu

Yoga is a good way to ward of minor viral infection and also boosts the immune system.  Physical activity is always a great immune booster and because yoga has stress reducing properties it will ensure a short-term boost for your immune system.  Certain postures are also able to target particular organs of the immune system enhancing immune boosting.

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