Why Yoga Is Good For You

Why Yoga Is Good For You

Why Yoga Is Good For You

Yoga has been around for more than 5000 years, and the fact that it is still around today is testament to just how amazing it is. But before you think that yoga is just for hippies, or is all about stretching, think again!

Yoga does a lot more than just tone muscles and burn calories, it’s a complete mind-body workout that combines building muscles with meditation, and deep breathing with building flexibility while promoting relaxation.

Learn To Slow Down

Life moves fast and the fact that we can do everything on the run these days, from accessing a canadiancasinoonline.org/mobile site to sending emails or even watching movies plays in to the whole idea of instant gratification. Yoga teaches us to slow down and to really work for the things we want, and the rewards are priceless.

Think about it.

When last did you just sit and breathe? Stay still and close your eyes? Listen to the breath in the back of your throat? Chances are, it’s been a while. Yoga teaches you to do all of that, while getting a great workout too.

Improve Flexibility

Flexibility is something our bodies are all capable of, but for some of us, it takes a bit more work than others. Yoga is an excellent way of becoming more flexible and this has excellent health benefits too.

The best part is, you become flexible almost without noticing it, and you build up endurance and stamina too. Touching your toes is something that suddenly happens, and you’ll find that with increased flexibility come increased mobility, and a desire to want to try more.

Set Your Own Pace

Yoga is not a race or a competition, and that’s why the art is called practice. You’re practicing every time you do yoga- even the yogis who have been doing it for years all practice- and its not a competition.

Unlike exercise regimes like Crossfit, Yoga is all about going at your pace; not comparing yourself to what is going on, on other people’s mats, and not competing with one another. If it takes years for you to get off the ground in Crow pose or your chaturanga wobbles for a while, that’s OK! The important part is that you are practicing!

Listen To Your Body

Our busy lifestyles also mean that we have generally stopped listening to our bodies. Yoga teaches you to listen to your body, to acknowledge what hurts, what feels uncomfortable and what makes you feel amazing.

The more time you spend doing yoga, the more you’ll be in tune with yourself, and this can help in so many ways. It also gives you confidence and makes you feel a whole lot more body positive, especially when you start seeing your muscles tone up, and your strength improve.

A workout for the body and the mind, yoga is something to consider if you’re looking for an exercise that has it all, and as there are so many different styles you can find one that works for you too.

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