Yoga Tips for Beginners

Yoga Tips for Beginners

Yoga is great exercise for everyone, male or female, of any age.  It’s also an on going practice, so you can always partake, no matter what skill level you may be, or how accomplished you have become. But some people find yoga intimidating, so we’ve compiled a list of tips that will help beginners get into the groove and feel right at home.

Choose a style that suits you

If you are looking for a way to build strength and endurance, Bikram may be the best option for you. If you are looking for a set sequence with more movement Ashtanga or Mysore may be better, or if you want a more spiritual orientated practice, give Kundalini yoga a try.

Don’t be scared to try them all

If you are not sure that a type of yoga will suit you, give it a try anyway. Sometimes you’ll find that the practice you didn’t think would work for you benefit you the most. Don’t be scared to give a new class a try and see what it has to offer, and we suggest that you do at least a month of any type. Just like eSports betting NZ, it takes practice before you know what you’re doing!

Wear comfortable clothes

The most important part of yoga is being able to breathe, and to move of course! You need to wear clothes that are not restrictive in any way and that let you twist and turn with ease. If you are worried about your top riding up or are too focused on your pants not being stretchy enough, you’ll lose focus! Some people swear that the fewer clothes you wear to practice in, the better- and if you are comfortable with that, go for it!

Watch what you eat

By this I don’t mean go on a diet, I mean beware of what you eat before a class. A lot of the poses aid digestion or see you twisting quite deeply, and this can make you feel nauseous if you have recently had a big meal. Rather eat well before a class, or if you are hungry beforehand have a very light snack to give you energy, but that won’t leave you feeling full.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is essential when doing any exercise, and this is the same for yoga. If you are doing heated classes you’ll need to drink even more water to replace the fluids you have sweated out, but I suggest doing this after a class, as drinking during class can make you feel ill or lower your body temperature. If you do need to drink in a class, take small sips and swallow slowly.

Tell the teacher you are new

No one likes being new, but it is important to tell the teacher that you have not practiced before. This way they can keep an eye on you and adjust you if needs be.

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