Philosophical Meditation Explained

Philosophical Meditation Explained

Philosophical Meditation Explained

We constantly think about things and have various feelings such as regrets, feelings of envy, hurts, we are anxious and sometimes we experience excitement.  Most times we do not usually analyse these feelings or make sense of them.  It is often too difficult or painful and anxiety comes with this thinking process.  When we do not analyse these thoughts they often grow over time.  These feelings and thoughts need to be dealt with as they often show us what we need and how to attain our goals.  These thoughts and feelings are not just useless junk, but pieces of a puzzle to the future.

In order to do this some diligence is needed.  Set aside about 20 minutes each day and answer three questions:

What is currently upsetting me?

What anxieties do I currently have?

Is there anything that I am currently excited or curious about?

Record the answers as they come to you.  Try not to think too much about the answer and keep the answers brief, one-word answers are useful.  You should have about three words under each category.  Then look into each category and answer more specific questions.  You may not need to answer every question and some answers may lead you to other questions.


Upset can be defined as being hurt by situations or people.  Hurt can be defined as a malicious word, feelings of jealousy or being abandoned.  Most times we avoid analysing these feelings as they are too hurtful and can often lead to feelings of unprocessed hurt, which can result in bitterness, confusion or even anger.

Analyse the incident that has upset you as if you were telling a friend.  Ask questions like what made you scared.  Look at how the incident has hurt you.  Acknowledge that you have been hurt and that the hurt feelings are normal.  Also look at how you were hurt.  Then analyse the person who has hurt you and try to figure out why they would do it.  Are there any other reasons why they would purposefully hurt you?


Anxiety is something in us that perceives danger.  It is about worry, but often the roots of the concerns are not clear.  Analyse the details of the anxiety episode and look at what may occur.  If things do go wrong what would be the outcome and if things continue to go wrong how would you deal with it.  Has this happened before and if so how did you deal with it then?


Excitement refers to positive emotions such as interest, enthusiasm and delight, such as when you win big playing pokies online.  Once again write down the story as if telling it to a friend. Certain things need to change and how would these changes affect your life.  Are there good things contained in these changes?  Are there any things missing in your life and what are they?  How would this change my life?

The answers to these questions will not remove your troubles but may help to unscramble messages and reduce anxiety and increase clarity.

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