Importance of Having a Philosophy of Life

Importance of Having a Philosophy of Life

Importance of Having a Philosophy of Life

Everyone has a personal philosophy and most people do not even realise that they have one and most people would not be able to articulate it either.  Many also do not really know whom they really are or what they hope to gain in this life.

There are many benefits to having a philosophy of life:

What is Important?

Most important is that you will find out what is most important to you, and this could change your life.  The sad thing is, is that we do not really look at our own life and question how we are living and we only realise this when a crisis hits our life.  In order to develop a philosophy of life we need to find out if what we are doing is making us truly happy and content.  You may find that you are truly happy and content, which is great, and even the smallest things like playing mobile pokies are in accordance with your values and goals.

For many of us though we are not living the way we should for example you are a high powered executive but you really want to be an artist, it goes without saying that something is amiss in your life.  Some people continue to delude themselves and become distracted by what they have or become comfortable with their life the way it is.  If you are lucky you may see that you are not living life to the fullest and this will be your first step in the process towards filling the void and discovering your values.

Discover your Values

Once you have discovered your values do not forget them.  Values like harmony, strength and teamwork must become real to you and not just words or an exercise.  Your philosophy of life is central and will make these values part of your decision-making and of your actions.

When you understand the values you will see things falling into place for you instead of feeling as though life is working against you.  You will see life as offering opportunities and see many more options becoming clear.  Do not bother with things that do not have value to you and realise that life is short and some actions will not bring you happiness and fulfilment.  Having a philosophy of life does not mean that bad things will not happen to you, but will help keep these things in perspective and from there you can work out a strategy to go forward on your terms.

Even though you may not realise you have a philosophy, everyone does have one, and it will play a big part in the decisions you make and this determines how your life will turn out.  If your philosophy is contradictory then your decisions will be reversed and you will not progress towards your goal.  If your philosophy is coherent your decisions are made much easier and you will find yourself moving in the right direction.

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