Getting Back In Touch With Nature

Getting Back In Touch With Nature

Getting Back In Touch With Nature

There is simply no arguing that there is something deeply calming, satisfying, and soothing about spending time in nature. It can feel like returning to visit an old friend again after years apart, with just a week in the outdoors often leaving you wondering why you ever decided to abandon it in the first place.

But just being in nature is one thing, and truly reconnecting with it something else entirely. There is a special bond that can exist between person and nature, which is a truly profound thing to experience. Although, that connection may have existed naturally once upon a time, our modern ways of life have taken us further from this connection than we may realise.

Don’t despair, because reconnecting is something that is always possible. Assuming only that you have the time, and will, to do so. Taking up an activity may be just the thing, since not all of us have the option of simply packing it all in, and heading off to live in a cabin in the woods. 


Surfers have a reputation for being laid back, chilled out, and perhaps more than a little airheaded. But this isn’t a broad, accurate representation of surfing. If you happen to live near the beach, consider taking the sport up as a hobby, and learning that the ocean is a very powerful, inescapable force of nature.

Life began in the ocean, and it is an understatement to say that there is still plenty life to be found beneath the waves. The waves themselves, though, are what you will become truly familiar with, and likewise the forces behind them. Surfing can be humbling and frightening, but also one of the most rewarding activities you will ever be involved in. It will teach you a patience, calm, and respect for something far greater than yourself.

Camping And Hiking

Heading out for a walk in the woods is beneficial on so many levels, and should be done as often as possible. But, if the time is available, camping is what will help you truly remember what the great outdoors is all about. Better yet, camping for a weekend with all electronic devices turned off, and far away.

Just hearing the sounds of the wilderness at night, instead of the heavy droning traffic, can adjust a mind on a deep, tangible level. Spending a weekend in these circumstances may just feel like an epiphany; what it feels like to remember a natural connection almost forgotten.


If you don’t have the time or means to go camping, hiking, or surfing right now and have a bit of extra time after seeking out the best NBA bets, simply getting down on hands and knees, and growing a plant is a valid option. Even growing a plant in a pot can be a deeply rewarding experience, should a garden not be available.

The simple act of giving something life, and nurturing it to good health can be soothing, satisfying, and rewarding. Start a garden today, and remember the joy of simple pleasures; flowers blossoming where there were none before.

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