Why You Need To Keep Your Hobby As A Hobby

Why You Need To Keep Your Hobby As A Hobby

There seems to be this current trend of always hustling, always looking to work harder, longer, smarter. If you’re good at something, you need to turn it into a way to make money otherwise why are you wasting your time with it. The idea of a hobby and doing something for pure enjoyment seems to have gone out the window – and to the detriment of us all.

Hobbies are an important part of life. They challenge us to think differently, give us a way to get away from the mundane of every day, and open up new avenues for socialization and making friends. Having a hobby can make you a more interesting person and it teaches you to be more interested in the world. When you suddenly have to push to make money from your hobby, you risk losing a lot.

You Lose Your Outlet For Releasing Stress

One of the main reasons people have hobbies is to relieve stress. If it’s something you enjoy doing like playing at River Belle Casino in Canada, even if the hobby is challenging or brand new to you, you’ll be happy when doing it. This happiness will result in lower stress levels and every time you get a chance to take up your hobby, you’ll find that you can unwind and let go of anything that is worrying you while playing at slotscanada.net.

As you progress in your hobby and try new elements of it, your self-esteem will also grow. A boost in confidence and the knowledge that you are mastering something that brings you joy will also go a long way to relieving stress. This will impact the rest of your life because you are happier, more confident and probably more excited about facing each day when you have a hobby you are proud of.

You Risk No Longer Finding Joy In It

There is this opinion that if you do what you love, you’ll never actually work a day in your life. This may be true for some. However, if you’re always looking to make money from a hobby, you run the risk of not being able to just do your hobby for the simple love of it. Every step you take, you’ll be worrying about how this is pushing your new business venture forwards. Molly Conway on Man Repeller said it best: “You don’t have to monetize your joy.”

The moment you start focusing on how you can sell the finished product you create – a painting, a dress, a knitted beanie – you stop focusing on the actual time you spend creating. It becomes about taking the perfect photo of the item so you can put it up in your Etsy shop or how can you video the creation process so that you can stream it live on Instagram. You can’t just relax and be in the moment while enjoying your hobby. In fact, at this point, it is no longer your hobby and it becomes your business. Then what do you do to relax and de-stress?

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