Give Yourself a Wellness Check

Give Yourself a Wellness Check

Give Yourself a Wellness Check

You may have heard of welfare checks where a person requests someone in a position of authority to check up on the well being of an individual, but have you ever thought of applying a similar principle to yourself? Of course there is no need to call on someone in a position of authority, but you may well need to pay a visit to a medical professional to ensure that all is in order.

A wellness check is something that everyone should do, even if it’s on an annual basis. The Chinese go to the Doctor when they are well, as they believe that this way they can ward of illness and ailments, and it turns out they are actually on to something.

Choose Your Wellness Program

If you want to conduct your own wellness check you’ll need to make a list that is tailored to your individual needs, your gender, age and lifestyle.

A dentist or oral hygienist should always be on your list, as everyone needs to keep their teeth in good condition, and an annual clean and check up can stop cavities in their tracks and also determine if there are any other issues that could become worse over time and would benefit from attention.

A trip to the doctor or blood bank to check your blood pressure, cholesterol and other levels is a great idea too, especially if you have a genetic predisposition to common conditions like high blood pressure.

If you wear prescription glasses or contacts or are experiencing any eye issues when playing online Keno in Canada, then an optometrist needs to be on your list too. An annual eye check is always a good idea as not only can it determine whether or not you need new glasses, it can also pick up issues like Glaucoma or cataracts.

More Than The Basics

The above mentioned checks are the basic but you should also consider the following option (gender dependent of course!)

A trip to the doctor or specialist to check your prostate gland is crucial, especially for men over the age of 40 This check up can save your life, as it can spot any cancerous cells well in advance.

Ladies should also go for an annual pap smear and to have their breasts checked. A pap smear can detect pre-cancerous cells and these can then be removed if present, and a breast check can detect any lumps or problem areas. A mammogram may be necessary for certain women, especially those who have a familial history of breast cancer.

If you spend a lot of time in the sun an annual wellness check at a dermatologist should be on your list too. Mole mapping can pinpoint any changes to moles, and if you need to have any blemishes removed they can assist.

Looking after your mental health is also crucial, and if so desired, you can include a check up with a psychologist or psychologist to ensure that you stay healthy and happy and that life doesn’t get you down!

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