How Tai Chi Can Transform Your Health

How Tai Chi Can Transform Your Health

Tai Chi is a fascinating martial arts practice with a history that dates back thousands of years. It is still widely practised today because of its many benefits for your health and well-being, and fortunately, it’s as easy to practice as it is to enjoy! You don’t need much equipment, time, or even space to experience this art form for yourself; all you need is an understanding of the moves and how to do them correctly.

Some say that the benefits of Tai Chi are evident to those who practice it almost immediately, giving you yet another reason to try it out today! If you needed any more motivation, check out these surprising benefits of Tai Chi for your health and longevity below…

#1: It’s Perfect for All Ages

This thousand-year-old Chinese art is very gentle, which means that it will suit you no matter your level of physical strength, fitness or capability. Many Tai Chi instructors have actually begun their careers quite late in life, showing that with a bit of practice, you can master the art regardless of your age or experience.

#2: It Improves Endurance & Strength

Tai Chi has been scientifically proven to improve areas like upper and lower body muscle strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility, particularly in seniors. One study followed participants in their 60s and 70s who practised three times a week for three months, and then underwent various physical fitness tests to measure their strength, balance, flexibility and endurance. After just six weeks, marked improvements were recorded across all of the categories being considered, and the improvements were only amplified by the end of the study period.

#3: It Helps Asthma Sufferers

Tai Chi focuses on proper breathing techniques, and has been shown to assist asthma sufferers by teaching them how to breathe deeply and consistently.

#4: It Reduces Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Fibromyalgia is a common and debilitating musculoskeletal disorder that is well known for its incredibly painful symptoms. The cause of the condition is largely unknown, and there is currently no cure for it – but Tai Chi might help. A recent study showed that fibromyalgia symptoms decreased significantly over a 6 week period of practise, and that the participants’ quality of life improved notably at the same time.

#5: It Relieves Stress

The movement, breathing, and yoga-like concentration required of those who practise Tai Chi are the perfect combination to beat stress and anxiety. The aspect of mind-body connection is also vital here, as are the hand-eye coordination and controlled breathing that are used in the martial art to induce calmness and serenity.

#6: It Protects Your Joints

Common forms of exercise can subject your joints (including your knees, shoulders and back) to repetitive stress. Tai Chi, on the other hand, actually protects from joint injuries due to its gentle and controlled nature. The art focuses heavily on correct posture and movement to strengthen your joints and your body over time.

#7: It Promotes Organ Health

The bending and spiralling movements of Tai Chi help to stimulate the internal organs and release them from painful, damaging constrictions caused by poor posture, stress, and uncomfortable working conditions, or sitting incorrectly when playing at no deposit Microgaming casinos. It even assists in the exchange of gases within your lungs and digestive system to keep you healthy and full of vitality!

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