The Benefits of Iyengar Yoga

The Benefits of Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar is one of the more traditional types of yoga, and is widely believed to be the form that holds the most power to both benefit and heal our bodies. There are many reasons to start practicing it, and you’ll soon see what advantages it lends to your life as a whole once you start making time for it during your day.

You’ll Enjoy Increased Flexibility

You don’t need to be able to touch your toes to start doing Iyengar yoga, but you will eventually be able to do just that and more! It’s a slow, gentle practice that guides the student into holding stretches for roughly a minute. Props are used to enable everyone to hold the postures without pain or injury too, so it suits both beginners and more advanced practitioners.

Your Muscles Will Become Toned

Along with stretching your muscles, the physical demands of holding each of the poses will build your overall strength and tone your body as well. Because Iyengar engages your whole body, you will be instructed to not simply pay attention to the main muscles involved in the stretch. You are encouraged to think of how they’re connected to all your other body parts, and will be asked to work on using those as well.

You’ll Calm Your Mind

Whether you’re beset by work stress, are caught up in a personal dispute, or are simply worn out by the excitement of Overwatch betting, Iyengar will help you re-centre and find peace! Because you’re focussing on alignment, you won’t be able to entertain all your other worries and stresses, and your practice will start working as a kind of meditation. And, like meditation, the longer you practice, the calmer you’ll be, both on the mat and off it.

You’ll Have Less Pain

Many studies have shown that Iyengar yoga is a great way to relieve back and neck pain. Because you’re stretching rather slouching, the hunched-over, weak muscles that plague you with soreness get the kinks worked out of them.

Your Posture Will Improve

You will strengthen the muscles of the body responsible for your posture, improving your back, core, and legs. Minor adjustments made consistently will strengthen the smaller muscles, and you’ll find yourself sitting and standing straighter, which will in turn give you and energy boost, decrease your pain levels, and heighten your self-confidence.

You’ll Get Sick Less

Disease is often the result of normal bodily processes not being able to unfold as they should be. Yoga of any kind improves your overall functioning, bettering your circulatory, lymph, and nervous systems and aiding your digestion. When your body is doing what it should be doing and your organs are being properly nourished, toxins are eliminated more efficiently and your likelihood of getting sick is lowered.

You’ll Develop Better Habits

As you start calming your mind and improving your physical condition, your body will respond by starting to demand that you follow healthier living habits. This means you’ll start wanting healthier foods, craving enough sleep, and drinking more water, for example. You’ll slowly start falling in love with your body again and will thus pause before endangering your health in any way.

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