The Pros and Cons of Trying Different Yoga Styles

The Pros and Cons of Trying Different Yoga Styles

Over the years yoga has morphed and changed, and new styles and disciplines have emerged.  Many studios now offer a variety of different yoga class, from Vinyasa to Yin, to Bikram and Hatha, all in one space. This makes it easy to switch up your practice, but the question is, should you?

Trying Out Your Options

While some people love the way that Bikram allows follows the same set of postures, others loathe it, and the same goes for the ever changing sequences that come up in Vinyasa, or the slower, more concentrated Hatha yoga styles. If you are new to yoga we strongly suggest you try different styles out to find the ones you prefer. This is not a bad thing at all, but it does mean that just like there are plenty of places to bet on the NRL games, there are very different options available, and there is not  a one size fits all practice. You may fall in love with a few of the different practices or you may find one that really works for you.

Listening to Your Body

One of the major benefits of being able to practice different types of yoga is being able to listen to what your body needs, and acting on it. There may be days when you crave the slower, more focused style, and others when you are full of energy and want to tackle a full Ashtanga sequence. BY having  a basic knowledge of what each style of yoga offers you can opt for the one that is going to best give you a work out, or offer some time to meditate and breathe.

Bring About Balance

Each style of yoga offers something different, and balance is something everyone should try and bring to their life. If you can balance out hot and sweaty sessions with slow, deep stretches, then you will enjoy all kinds of benefits, rather than just one set from a specific practice. Each pose in yoga is designed to benefit you in one way or another, so whether you do a slow, deep pigeon or shoot into rocket, there’s something beneficial in each movement.

Jack of All Trades…

Master of none.

This old adage can apply to yoga too! If you send your timing jumping from practice to practice you’ll dig loads of shallow holes, but never a deep one. Yoga is a lifelong practice, but it is one that requires some dedication, and if you don’t put it in, you won’t get the real benefits out. If you do tend to jump between styles, try and find the one that works best for you are make it your core practice. This way you’ll have a foundation to work from, and can explore other options without losing your grounding.

At the end of the day, yoga is a personal practice and each style will appeal to different people for varying reasons. There is really no right or wrong way to approach the different options, and trying them all cannot hurt you. If yoga is helping you to grow, centre yourself and navigate life better, then it’s doing its job!

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